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269 IS AN AGENT’S APP and a complement to our PesaPata USSD *269#

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UpdatedSep 07, 2020 (3 weeks ago)
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269 is a peer to peer lending platform from PesaPata Ventures Ltd. with agents and borrowers on the platform. 269 IS AN AGENT’S APP. The purpose of this android app is to complement our PesaPata USSD app accessed by dialling *269# on Safaricom. Agents earn from issuing loans and are limited by their subscription and the quality of their clients. For more information please visit www.pesapata.com or dial *269#

Good people, two things are to be noted;

1. This app is for 269 agents or those that want to be agents,

2. You can not borrow using this app.

The terms of use for this android app are on our website and as always, we are happy to hear from you on info@pesapata.com or by calling us on 0707 000 222.

Having said that, you as our 269 agent will be able to do the following with this app:

View pending loan requests.

Issue loans to clients.

View loan schedules for the next seven days.

View incomplete loans per month with the total expected repayment amount.

View detailed agent account information including accounts blocked from trading, accounts available for trade and accounts with excess amount money.

View a client's detailed loan information including loan schedules and repayments made.

View loans that are blocking an account from trading. This includes the total agent and client overdue for the loan.

Add/Create new accounts for trading.

Make account subscription payments.

Unblock blocked accounts.

Move money from an account with excess money to another account.

Withdraw cash from an account with excess money.

Transfer money from an account to a given client loan.

View their commission summary which includes the total commissions awarded, total commissions paid and total pending commissions.

View total commissions earned and paid per month

Request commission disbursement.

Manage multiple agent profiles.

Agents can offer loans with these terms through this app:
While users of this APP cannot borrow from this APP, Agents are able to accept borrowers with the following loan terms.
a. Issued amount KSh. 500 to 20,000
b. Loan duration is 28 days
c. Interest rate is 10% to 30% depending on your agent
d. Request fee is KSh. 100
e. The system charges no penalties for late repayment, but private agreements may be established with your agent
f. Graduation of loaned amount dependant on your agent
g. Only one loan per borrower is permitted.
h. The loan is paid in four equal instalments.

E.g. A KSh. 20,000 loan attracts an interest of KSh. 6,000. A request fee of KSh. 100 is paid before a loan is issued. Weekly instalment of KSh. 6,500 is expected from the borrower. Therefore, the total amount paid for this loan is KSh. 26,100. It is also worth mentioning that the agent receives a maximum commission of KSh. 4,000 for the origination of this loan and the borrower can negotiate a rebate with his/her agent.

Thank you for considering/using our app. Join our community of lenders and may your joy run deep and your revenues high.

What's New

- Support for dark mode
- Bug fixes and improvements

Email: info@pesapata.com

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