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Sep 10, 2021

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2nd Gear Parking Pro GAME

It must have happened to all of you that you entered a multi-storey car park and were upset by the narrowness of the roads and the location of the cars.
Now, if you are in parking in professional multi-storey car parks, can you test your skills more in this game and see if you can park in difficult places ?!
Save money and buy new cars so you can park your car faster
Peykan Pride Dena 207 Renault Saina Xantia Megan bmw and Peugeot Pars, which one do you like? Buy it and see if you can park it.
You can play sports with your car polat.
You can also update the speed and pheromone of your car to park more easily
There are more than 40 stages and missions, each of which you have to park your car in a special way to open the next stages.
Wait for the car and newer stages
Note: To run the game better, you need a strong phone and it does not run on weak phones
Note: The game graphics are set to minimum on all phones, if your phone model is high, you can set the game graphics to maximum from the settings menu.
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