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1.0 · Oct 04, 2020

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Version1.0 (8)
UpdatedOct 04, 2020
DeveloperBlock Apps Inc.
CategoryApps, Communication

333 Can't Call Me app

Core functionality is Caller ID, spam detection, and spam blocking.

Now you have control over who calls your phone. 333 Can't call me gives all of us the power to cull those unwanted calls. We work as a group to tell each other which incoming calls are undesireable, be it marketing calls, crank callers, whoever. When you get a call from someone that is not in your contacts a bar will pop up on the screen in call to let you,,, add to contacts, block the call personally on just your phone or identify to the network where the caller is blocked on your phone and identified to the network as an undesirable caller. This is where the good stuff begins. If any TWO people in the country say that a number of someone that calls them is undesireable the call is diverted to voicemail on all the other callers phones. This happens in real time so within minutes that caller won't be able to call anyone with 333 except those that have them as a contact. The block level is adjustable so that if you want to move the number up to 5 or 15 or 70 you can to raise the number of people that have to report a caller before their blocked. Cool .. Right?

Security...? We are in the business of giving your phone back to you. You pay for it, you should be able to screen those unwanted callers like you have your own secretary. While you will have to give the app access to your call logs and real time caller Id, none of that information is ever sent off phone. The only thing that we will get from your calls is if you report a number and it will only send the number to our network and the time it was blocked so it can be identified in our system and sent out with the blacklist to everyones phones. Safe.

We made it cheap so anyone can use it and not miss the money. Any service updates or added features will not cost you a bit more for your subscription term and you will be able to access any part of the system that the other users have access to.

PERMISSIONS. When you sign onto the app there will be a number of permissions requested.
--Location, for your address or where you signed on initally. NOT TO TRACK YOU. Period.
--Review your contacts, So the system doesn't try to block anyone in your contacts and when you want to add a contact it populates all the data in a new contact. All you have to is put in a name and hit save. Easy.
--Access to call logs. So that we can populate a call list, just on your phone, so that you can go back and access a number that called you later and you can choose what the app does with it. Block it, or unblock it, add it to contacts. etc.
--Write over all apps and stay out of low power mode. These are so the app will come up when a phone call is coming in. Like if your watching You tube and you get a phone call. When the call comes in You tube turns off and your phone pops up. So with these accepted when you get a call and the phone pops up, our tool bar comes up too for easy and quick access to the system.

All of what we do is to give you and me freedom from being harrassed by whomever. I want to do that as easily, simply and cheaply as possible. For all of us.

Thanks for giving us a try and remember we hate those calls too. Anything that we can do to stop them, we will share with everyone.

Email: feedback@333ccme.com

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