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Feb 22, 2021
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360 Battery Saver Plus APP

360 Battery saver plus is an android app.
The app makes you extend the battery life and cut down charging time under the power saving mode.
It protects the battery all the time.
application to save battery smartly so that battery runs longer than usual and increase battery life.

It happens many times that we need mobile very badly and our mobile battery is low. This application will help you to increase battery life in such kind of situation.
“Memory Boost” icon on your menu screen apart from 360 Battery Saver Plus icon. This button helps you to kill the unwanted process in one click and make your phone faster. It releases RAM from your devices by killing unwanted processes.
This application also shows some technically proved charging methods which help you to extend battery life. You can also see the battery charging in graphical view which helps you to calculate the health of your battery.
360 Battery Saver Plus also shows technical information about the battery, It helps you to verify the battery specification when you are buying a new battery.

Power saving mode, You could stop all the battery draining apps on the background with one click.
As a battery charging time reduced, it reduces the battery consumption during the charging time.

360 Battery Saving Mode Option
Individual battery saving menu options at one place to save battery smartly
Memory Boost – quick access menu on menu screen apart from battery saver plus menu
Task Killer – releases RAM in one click and make your phone faster
Task Killer – Shows available memory
Battery charge/discharge graph – shows battery charge/discharge graph so that one can observe battery usage of mobile use for particular time
Battery charge/discharge graph zoom in/out
Battery details – shows technical details of your device’s battery
Charging Information – technical guide for efficient charging methods. It helps to under charging method and its efficiency.

Download the app and save your battery life !!!!

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