Asakusa of culture, tells the event. You can enjoy navigation and stamp rally.

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We will introduce the now and history of Asakusa to those who visit the Asakusa.We will introduce the activities that can be cultural experience of Asakusa.Always we will deliver the latest information.You Asakusa can be simulated experience without visiting the Asakusa.Please looking for a place that suits your taste and preferences Once you have determined to go to Asakusa.

TOP page
Top page displays each function to the icon.At the bottom of the slide bar, the latest information of Asakusa is displayed.With slide bar, you can see the text and photos.Then introduces the function of each icon.

First Asakusa
The birth of Asakusa. History of Asakusa.Sensoji Temple and Asakusa temples information of attractions Seven Lucky Gods such as the shrine.
We will introduce that of Asakusa you want to know.

Today's Asakusa
Photos taken with Asakusa today.Information of next week's events.Asakusa information will deliver in real time.

View photos and comments posted to Asakusa Instagram.

It displays the videos that have been posted on YouTube Asakusa channel.
Video will start when you touch a photo.

Sightseeing Walk
Select the course by pressing the "Sightseeing Walk" button.It shows the route in a straight line from the current position to the destination When you select a destination.

Discovery Walk
Will introduce each of the shopping street When you select a shopping district.

Custom Walk
Open the item. Select the destination. Press the "Finish". Up to nine can be selected. It shows the route in a straight line from the current position to the destination When you select a destination. Press the "detail" to display the destination details.

Stamp Rully
Pressing the Stamp Rully button.
"Asakusa attractions Seven Lucky Gods Meili photo ......." Display the temples photo When you select. If you touch a photo to view the details.
Arrival to the location of the stamp rally.Notification from the Beacon you will receive.If you touch a notification to view its details.

Will introduce the literary calendar of Asakusa.

Trendy Spot
Will introduce the restaurants and souvenir shops of the topic.

Populur Contents
Eateries of the alley that Asakusa people go.
To introduce a shop that has been opening new stores.
We displays the blog content.

Cultural experience of Asakusa has appeared one after another.
Ride the rickshaw. kimono. tea ceremony. calligraphy.
We will introduce the place where you can experience the good old culture of Japan.

Public Info
Shelter in the event of a disaster.public facility.Private railway and metro station.Sumida River cruise pier.Bus stop.We will introduce the parking location and free information of the parking lot.

Mail application is displayed when you enter in the contact form.

When you press the WiFi button on a page other than the Japanese will introduce the TRAVEL JAPAN WiFi app.
In the Japanese page is preparing the service that you want to introduce.

Please enjoy 10 times the Asakusa using 365ASAKUSA.

Email: info@ewil.jp

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