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A wonderful 3D Car Race Game !

Version8.0 (8)
UpdatedSep 01, 2018 (2 years ago)
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3D Car Race Game is an adventure racing game with incredible cars to perform driving. 3D Car Race is a thrilling and exciting simulation game for car drivers on different roads. Get ready to enjoy the ultimate race with this amazing 3d car race game.

Features :
* 3D cars
* 3D roads
* Real driving
* Acceleration control
* 5 levels
* Different laps
* Different car
* Different road
* ...

How To Play :

This is the menu screen of "3D Car Race" :
"Sound on/off" button : click it to change sound mode (on to off or off to on).
"New Game" button : click it to play a new game.
"Score" button : click it display best five Hi-Scores.
"Setting" button : click it to get setting screen. click to setting details
"Help" button : click it to view help to play this game
"About" button : click it to view about this game.
"Quit" button: click it to quit from the game.
"Achievements" button: click to display your achievements.
"Leaderboard" button: click to display your leaderboards.
"Share" button: click to share your.
"Play Store" button: click to view this app in play store.
"Rate" button : click it to rate this game in play store.
"Update Your Score" button : click it to submit your score in worldwide ranklist

Overview of game settings of "3D Car Race" ...
"Level" : Displaying current level position.
"Road" :Displaying current road in the game.
"Car" : Displaying current car in you choose here.
"Forward" button : click it to change next.
"Reward" button : click it to change previous
"Back" button : click it save settings when you choose your settings.

Overview of how to play of "3D Car Race" :
Pause button : click it to pause your game and later you can continue it.
Drive your car using Accelerometer to left or right.
Touch or tab your screen to speed up. Leave tab to speed down.
Avoid the enemy cars from the touching of your car to prevent accident.
Avoid the road borders from the touching of your car to prevent accident.

What's New

Some optimizations !

Email: scopsoft.maroc@gmail.com

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