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3D Movie Effect Photo with VFX Photo Editor APK

Best Movie Side Effects Photo Editor App for making photos using movie effects.

Well, many of us want to look like a hero or heroine with movie effects like real movie’s 3d effect. Sometimes, really feel to make ourselves like a super hero. But then always a question comes… How to do so? We have an answer for you….. Now you can create your own amazing movie VFX by using our 3D Movie Effect Photo with VFX Photo Editor App, just in movie style. 3D Movie Effect Photo with VFX Photo Editor is a free movie side effects photo editor app, for you all.

3D Movie Effect Photo with VFX Photo Editor App contains lot of real looking VFX stickers along with huge collection of amazing background. You can edit your photo using our awesome movie effects photo creator app.

With Movie Side Effects Photo Editor you can apply stickers very easily which will give your image an awesome look just like movie actor looks.

3D Movie Effect Photo with VFX Photo Editor, contains a lot of real looking stickers VFX such as bomb explosions, fire, light strokes, lightning thunders, UFO, zombies, and much more. It has more than 50 HD amazing backgrounds.

Movie Side Effects Photo Editor is the best background eraser app to apply real type action movie VFX effects to your photo. With myriads of movie action stickers, you can make your image wonderful and flaunt it with your friends. Try our Movie Effects Photo Creator and add a meteor crush (or) explosion effects and leave your friends speechless.

Besides, you can set your car on fire (not in real, of course ) or your picture in a war zone with our Movie Effects Photo Creator app. Like this you can also have pictures with an outsider intrusion, to make an incredible 3d photo with a UFO and get the best movie special effects on your image.

Myriads of options from horror movie scenes or sci-fi action, stunning helicopter crash to dragon-fire effects, all these are available in our Movie Side Effects Photo Editor.

Now is the time to download the app and seize this opportunity and feel like a famous director with our action movie VFX effects. Become part of the amazing movie world, by creating your very own multi effects images with 3d type stickers of HD quality!

Key Features of 3D Movie Effect Photo with VFX Photo Editor App:-

‣‣‣ The best 3d movie VFX photo editor application.

‣‣‣ Myriads of Movie VFX Photo Effects available in our studio

‣‣‣ 50+ HD 3D Special Effect Photo Editor Backgrounds for making amazing movie VFX photo effects.

‣‣‣ 50+ wonderful action movie VFX effect stickers available to add super power VFX movie background to your images.

‣‣‣ This app allows you add your photos easily from the gallery to have movie side effects on your photo.

‣‣‣ You can flip your images vertically and horizontally to fit it into your Movie Side Effects Photo Editor.

‣‣‣ Tools to erase or remove unwanted background from your image are also available.

‣‣‣ Sharing image across all social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc., is very easy and simple.

How 3D Movie Effect Photo with VFX Photo Editor App Functions:-

‣‣‣ Select your image from the gallery or click one.

‣‣‣ Crop your image and remove all the unwanted areas, and get exact image for applying effects.

‣‣‣ Now select any background of your choice and apply it to change the current background of your picture.

‣‣‣ Now select effects from Movie Effects Photo Creator app and apply it to your photo.

‣‣‣ You can use eraser if you want to remove some areas.

‣‣‣ Zoom in and zoom out along with preview is also available.

‣‣‣ You can preview your image and if it is good enough, save it.

‣‣‣ Now you are set to share it with your friends on social media platforms.

This is the best 3D Movie Effect Photo Editor app!! Just have unlimited fun with it!

Download our 3D Movie Effect Photo with VFX Photo Editor App and start making wonderful images of yours!


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