4 Qul Shareef APK

This app contains 4 kul sharif of the Holy Quran

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UpdatedNov 14, 2018 (2 years ago)
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This is islamic app for muslims so please read it and get blesses from Allah Pak. Inshallah
4 Qul of Quran is an Islamic Application which contains Four Holy Surahs of Al-Quran Majeed,
i.e. Al-Kafiroon, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas + Al-Fatiha,Ayatul-Kursi. It lets Muslims all over the world recite, learn and listen to
beautiful recitation of Holy Kuran(Quran).It is a good combination of surah's, you can recite and listen every night before sleeping.
It also comes up with ransliteration that make the learning process easier.These two surah's are additional to make a good
combination Ayatul kursi with urdu translation,ayatul kursi and surah al fatiha with urdu translation.

Feature include:

4 Qul Shareef
Qul Nas
The 4 Quls
4 Qul in Urdu Translation
Ayatul Kursi
Ayetul Kursi
Surah Al Kursi
Surat Al Kursi
Ayatul Kursi With Urdu Translation
Sourate Al Kursi
Al Kursi
Ayatul Kursi Dua
Ayatul Kursi Full
Ayatul Kursi Download
Oyatal Kursi
Ayatul Kursi Translation
Ayatul Kursi Transliteration
Ayatul Kursi Arabic
Ayatul Kursi in Arabic
Darood Tanjeena
Darood e Tanjeena
Darood e Tanjina
Durood e Tanjeena
Darood Tanjeena Full
Darood Tanjeena with Urdu Translation
Darood Tanjeena in Arabic
Darood Tanjeena in Quran
Darood e Tanjeena Ki Fazilat
Darood e Tanjeena Benefits
Darood Tanjeena Benefits
Darood Tanjina
Darood Tanjeena Benefits in Urdu
Durood e Tanjina
Darood Tanjeena Download
Durood Tanjina
Darood e Tanjeena Wazifa
Dua e Tanjeena
Surat Tanjeena
Darood e Tanjeena Ka Wazifa
Durood Tunjina
Durood e Tunjina
Durood Tunjina Benefits
Durood Tunjina Full
Drood Tunjeena
Nazar Ki Dua
Nazre Bad
Dua for Nazar
Nazar e Bad
Nazar Lagna
Nazre Bad Ki Dua
Nazar Se Bachne Ki Dua
Nazar e Bad Ki Dua
Nazar Bad Ki Dua
Nazar Utarne Ki Dua
Dua for Nazar e Bad From Quran
Dua for Eyes
Evil Eye Cure
How To Protect from Bad Eye
Dua Against Evil Eye
Nazar Ki Dua in Quran
Jadu Se Bachne Ki Dua
Nazar Utarne Ki Dua in Islam
The Evil Eye in Islam
Dua To Protect from Evil Eye
Nazar Ki Dua in Urdu
Nazar Utarna in Islam
Nazre Bad Ka Ilaj
How To Remove The Evil Eye
Duo Evil Eye
Remove Evil Eye
How To Remove Nazar
Nazar Band Karne Ka Tarika
Prayer Against Evil Eye
How To Remove Nazar in Islam
Evil Eye Dua
Dua For Eyes in Quran
How To Remove Nazar from Baby
Dua from Evil Eye
Dua for Evil Eye Protection
Nazar Bad Ki Dua in Urdu
How To Cure Nazar
Surah for Evil Eye
Dua To Protect from Evil
Dua for Nazar Children
Dua for Hasad
Evil Eye in Arabic
Badnazri Ki Dua
Dua for Removing Hasad
Dua for Nazar e Bad
Nazre Bad Ka Wazifa
Dua for Removing Nazar
Nazar e Bad Ka Ilaj
How To Cure Evil Eye
What is Evil Eye in Islam
Nazar Utarna Ki Dua
How To Get Rid of Nazar
Get Rid of Evil Eye
How To Get Rid of Buri Nazar
Protection from Evil Eye Islam
Dua for Protection Against Evil Eye
May Allah Protect You from Evil Eye
Bad Nazar Ki Dua
Nazar Evil Eye
How To Protect Yourself from Evil Eye
Dua Nazar e Bad
Nazar Bad Se Bachne Ki Dua
Nazar Lagne Ki Dua
Nazar Utarne Ki Dua in Quran
Dua Nazar
Nazar Bad Ki Dua in Quran
Hasad Se Bachne Ki Dua
How To Get Rid of Evil Eye
Nazar e Baad Ki Dua from Quran
Bad Nazar
Nazar Bad Ka Tor
Buri Nazar Se Bachne Ki Dua
Nazar Ki Duwa
How To Remove Evil Eye
Nazar e Bad Ki Qurani Dua
Nazre Bad Se Bachne Ki Dua
Nazar e Bad Se Bachne Ki Dua
Nazar Ki Dua in Arabic
Dua To Remove Nazar
Protection Against Evil Eye
Buri Nazar Ki Dua
Nazar Utarne Ki Dua Urdu
Nazar Bad Ka Ilaj
Nazar Na Lagne Ki Dua
Dua e Nazar e Bad
Nazar Utarnay Ki Dua
Durood e Shifa
Durood Shifa
Darude Shifa
Darude e Shifa
Ayat e Shifa
Dua for Nazar in Quran
Dua for Bad Eye
Dua for Buri Nazar
Nazar Ki Dua for Kids
Surah Kafirun
Surah Al Kafirun
Al Kafirun
Surah Kafiroon
Surat Al Kafirun
Surah Ikhlas
Al Ikhlas
Surah Al Ikhlas
Surat Al Ikhlas
Surah Falaq
Surat Al Alaq
Surat Al Falaq
Surah Nas
Surat Annas
Surah Annas
Surah An Nas
Al Nas
Namaz Surah
Surah Al Nas

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