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55X Telescope Zoom Pro APK

Use your Android Phone and Tablet as a real Telescope zoom

Version1.1.9 (1)
UpdatedJul 14, 2018 (3 years ago)
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'55 X Telescope Zoom Pro' is the best for easily super zooming (55X zoom), with it`s handy zoom in and zoom out scroller.
Use your Android Phone and Tablet as real Binoculars to zoom your nearby surroundings and friends.
It is too easy to see the great photos in little appearance and vice-versa.
There is no need to carry a big binocular with you.
There can be no doubt, It is an excellent app and be ready to use it.You can as well use it for macro shooting.
Best binoculars & telescope Zoomer allows you to take photos from long distance with usage of camera zoom. Maximum zoom values depends on your built-in camera. This app can turn your phone into a real telescope! Now you can observe and see object from a very long distance!
This Binoculars Camera "55 X Telescope Zoom Pro" is very stable and lets you take photos with really high quality and with 100% zoom usage! Use optical and digital zoom! It can give you even x55 zoom!

Our Application "55 X Telescope Zoom Pro" uses digital zoom, so effect depends on your camera resolution, and framerate on the processor.
This binoculars & telescope Camera UHD is very stable and lets you to take photos with really high quality and with 100% zoom usage! Use optical and digital zoom! It can give you even x55 zoom! This app can also be used as monocular, binoculars, spyglass or magnifier
with this application telescope Zoom In you can do it easily and professionally The zoom camera app is also good to take zoomed photos !


- Mega zoom microscope camera
- Support front camera
- Support Flash light
- Virtual microscope
- It works with all smartphones
- high zoom camera pro .
- Photo Camera
- Front and rear camera
- Video recording
- Zoom scroll
- Flashlight
- Manual focus and continuous autofocus
- White balance selector
- Take pictures of observed objects using high quality
- easily take a photo of the zoomed picture
- Digital microscope
- digital camera zoom in (up to 55x)
- optical camera zoom in (max zoom depends on your hardware)
- now your camera can take zoomed photos!
- binoculars or telescope substitute
- zoom more than stock camera app
- Binoculars telescope zoom camera
- Microscope zoomer
- x55 magnification for free (Zoom up to x55)
- Zoom scroll
- Flashlight
- binoculars macro shooting 55x can be used as magnifier,binos,telescope,spyglass,Camescope,monocular,field glass and digital zoom camera
- Free camera app to zoom in and take zoomed photos
- digital camera zoom in (Digital binos)
- optical camera zoom in (optical binos)
- Mega zoom camera
- big zoom camera
- extra zoom camera
- Best zoom Fx.
- professional zoom HD
- jumelles camera
- telescope with light
- Save your long distance photo with high zoom
- Use of the lens to clarify the vision
- includes zoom and autofocus
- digital zoom camera
- Magnifying glass for kids
- It works with all smartphones and free for all mobiles.
- high zoom camera pro .
- Binocular microscope
"Binoculars & telescope Zoom Camera PRO" application gives you an ability to use maximum values of digital

you can also use this application as Magnifiers, telescopes and zoom camera
An optical telescope gathers and focuses light mainly from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum (although some work in the infrared and ultraviolet).[13] Optical telescopes increase the apparent angular size of distant objects as well as their apparent brightness.

- Magnifying glass with light
- Magnifier zoomer camera
- Virtual binoculars zoomer
- Binoculars lamp
- Optical Microscop virtuel
- Magnifying lens
- watch things and objects with high quality even the objects are very small.
- Military Binoculars
- Macro zoom camera
- includes zoom and autofocus

you don't need a binoculars or telescope or magnifier glass anymore. The Zoom camera works as a real magnifier Binoculars telescope when needed for you.

It’s your perfect solution and its very stable, let you to take pictures with really high quality and Perfect Zoom.


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