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NameSpell Book Burned APK
Version3.3.03 (76)
UpdatedOct 23, 2021
DeveloperDonut´s Burner
CategoryGames, Role Playing

5th Edition Spellbook Burned Game

Keep control of your d&d 5th spell list with this app.

What are you waiting for trying it?

Spell Book Burned is a app that provides you a way to keep control of your spell book in d&d 5th edition.

Spell Book Burned has all the spells from player’s handbook, Elemental Evil, unearthed arcana, Adventure´s guide (SCAG) and Xanathar's guide to Everything

A complete spell book app for a fifth edition tabletop role playing game.
You have more than 5 way to find and organize your spells:
- List all spell;
- List your favorited spell;
- Add notes to spells and favorites;
- Control spell slots from each favorite;
- You can create multiples favorite;
- You can list your prepared spell;
- You are able to share spell detail and favorite´s spell list with instant message apk (Hangout, Whatsapp, etc);

Other features:
- You are able to roll dices with dice roll feature;
- You can read about conditions in spell detail;

You can use Spell Book Burned when you're slaying dragons, need a spell to charm a person or delving dungeons, you can track your spell with this app. You can also choose your own spell list, so you can access it in a faster way.

Try it in your 5E D&D and 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons RPG session with your spell caster.

Spell Book Burned has spells from player’s handbook and Elemental Evil.

* Fifth Edition Spell List´s files can be imported
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