7 Minute Cardio Fit Challenge APK

Spend 7 minutes to break a sweat and burn those calories.

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Cardio Workouts, Daily full body cardio exercises to lose excess weight, shade muscles and improve health, training exercises to get rid of fat and energy you can certainly do at home without equipment or weights.
The cardio exercises are well suited for people and can be carried out everyday to be able to obtain a slim well developed body at the earliest opportunity.

The App shows a minimal impact variation of every cardio exercise for rookies.

If you wish to maximize the fat reducing impact you can uncover the advanced 6-week training curriculum, 5 full body cardio routines a complete week to obtain a thin body at the earliest opportunity. The depth of the cardio exercises raises to be able to improve the potency of this program every week.

To lose excess weight fast it is important to follow a healthy diet plan. Unlocking the high grade version of the Android app you will have a meal planner to increase the fat reducing effect.

The advanced version gives you a specific regular to cool off after the exercises and healthy tips to obtain a fit body.

We are pleased to present a whole new fitness application that may help you to lose weight and build all sets of muscles. No equipment needed, all exercises are 100% bodyweight and can take only 10-15 minutes of your energy. If you feel tired by the end of your day or have unwanted weight or work all day long seated at the table - try our App and observe how it works!

The new review has explored that much longer cardio exercises are would have to be done by heart and soul patient to be able to prevent heart and soul failures. The need for cardio routines and cardio training is enormous among the center patient as it not only uses up the extra energy and extra fat but and yes it regulates the clean blood circulation throughout your body.
The cardio fitness exercises within the thirty days cardio Challenge should be done on regimen for 1 month with no difference.

With the launch of thirty days cardio Challenge, you don't have to hire an individual or a trainer for cardio training as this App both serves as a coaches as well as the main way to obtain best cardio workout routines.

Running can be an essential exercise for the cardio patient as he must run too much to burn their body fat which eventually became the reason for losing in their weights.

Spend 7 minutes to break a sweat and burn those calories.

This app is made for everyone! Men, Women, Teens, ... the whole family can do this app.

GET RESULTS Instantly!

Get your heart rate up & Improve your heart health!

Lower your resting heart rate!

Increase work output and ability to metabolize sugars!

What do we have:

* No Equipment required! You can do exercises at any time and any where!
* High quality videos.
* Personal coach with voice instructions
* Countdown seconds sound
* Free calendar to track your workout log
* Free weight tracker to track
* You can set the workout reminder
* Add option to change the rest duration between workout cycles

What are you waiting for? Come and download this great app!

Not all cardio workouts need to be intense. Especially on days where you are working on sore and/or tired muscles from a particularly hard or Strength Training routine, having a lower impact routine is very important.
A less intense cardio routine will allow you to still get your workout in, without taxing your body to the point where you re-damage already sore, recovering muscle tissue.

This routine is specifically made for beginners and those who want to work out but have sore muscles that they need to be easy on.
With this app you can choose your level of intensity by how quickly you move and how much effort you put into each movement.

This allows even the beginner to customize the intensity to match their needs as well as allowing the veteran exerciser to still get in a good sweat without overtaxing recovering muscles.
Download this app to know more about cardio workouts and step to perform it.

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