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Jul 19, 2020
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777 Poker Slot Machine 5PK GAME

[777 Poker 5PK]
The most interesting poker game is precisely 5PK, or called 5 Poker!
This version is a simulation of early 5PK, so there is no Jocker in the game.
You will get 5 cards at first, and press the cards you want to hold.
These cards you hold can be paired any card type like Full house,etc.
Next, press the button to change, Not retained cards will reconfigure another cards.
At this time, if the 5 cards you got have the card type like Straight Flush or Two Pairs, etc. you will earn points.
When you earn points,you can choose score points or double, your score-maximum of 50x !!!
So which cards you keep will get points, depending on your wisdom and luck.

At first, you can get 10000 chips when the game began.
If you win a lot of score by your good luck, don't worry about your score will lost when you leave.
[777 Poker 5PK] will save your coins and you can continue your game next time.
And don't worry about the bad luck.
We will give you another 10000 chips in two ways.
1.When your chips become 0, please press the button!
2.When your chip is less than 10000, please leave the game and turn back again!

Without connecting internet and spend your time for anytime ~!!!
Go to download and play now ~ !!!
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