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Jun 20, 2022
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7Sins:神諭指定 GAME

The world of the past was bright and beautiful;
Today's world is chaotic and corrupt.
After thousands of years of war, the physically and mentally exhausted human beings finally realized that they are just "puppets" for the respective interests of "angels" and "devils", and the so-called "holy war" is just a high-sounding excuse.
In this never-ending smoke of gunpowder, a family of secret visitors came out of nowhere, came to you with an "oracle", and gave you powerful power, telling you that you were the "far traveler" they chose...
"Maybe, I should use this ability to end the thousand-year war. Human, it's time to liberate ourselves."
In order to regain the freedom of mankind, you resolutely embarked on an unknown adventure...

【3D card, colorful picture quality】
"7Sins: Oracle Designation" adopts advanced 3D modeling technology, through real-time 3D engine rendering, to create exclusive cool actions and gorgeous skill effects for each hero, and strive to let each player get an unprecedented visual feast; In addition to the extremely gorgeous card face, the "Oracle" hero is also matched with a customized fighting stance with personal characteristics, and the flowing movements allow you to get a hearty combat experience! Action is worse than heartbeat, come and form your gorgeous team!

【Wish card draw as you wish】
Ten even has no SSR? Can't draw your favorite hero? Don't worry, "Oracle" has set up a "Wish System" for you, choose your wish hero, you can enjoy up to 60% probability of UP! "Zero" tuition fees can also quickly start your favorite heroes! There are also 40 consecutive draws to get the luxury benefits of SSR waiting for you to get online!

【Spiritually cute pets can defeat a hundred with one】
The new cute pet development system allows you to get cute and powerful super pets for free! Dungeon sweeps, push and match trials, bring your exclusive cute pets, stack super-high attribute buffs for your heroes, and make your battle even more powerful! In addition, Q Meng's pets can also bring you rich hang-up rewards - whether it is sleeping, resting, commuting, or busy at work, the cute pet army will hang up for you offline, accumulating Massive rewards!

[All members are gods to support your love]
All members have no waste cards, and the R card is amazing! Super free star-rising breakthrough, one-click development, let you enjoy the real fun of card collection and development!
In "7Sins: Oracle Designation", all the exquisite hero cards can be cultivated into SSRs with outstanding combat power! African possession? Ten consecutive R's at the start? It's not a big problem, break through and upgrade, and develop quickly, everyone can be a powerful emperor!

【Various strategies and rich collocations】
Simple cultivation is too monotonous, and dungeon sweeping is too boring? Then be sure to try the strategic collocation between different heroes, "Real Injury Flow", "Infinite Counterattack Flow", "Critical Strike Flow"... Various combinations, full of strategies! Through continuous exploration, flexible combination of combat strategies, free collocation, create more innovative genres, and let your lineup shine in battle!

※※ Reminder ※※
*Because this software involves violence, dating, and sex (game characters wear clothing with prominent sexual characteristics), it is classified as a supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method.
* This game is free to use, and the game provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.
* Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.
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