jump over the block and collect coins, it's 8 bit jump games super ninja hero

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Free download 8 bit jump games Super Jump Ninja Shadow arcade 3 apk game latest version for android


This game is structured as 8 bit jump games adventure platform run and jump over the block for collect coins, kill the monsters and destroy all the clock you want like the classic arcade games of many years ago. The levels flow from left to right, your main player used is a ninja and will face many enemies and obstacles to overcome by jumping on them or simply destroying them as they did in all the most famous arcade games. You can neutralize your enemies by jump over the block and fall over their heads or using one of the ninja weapons that you can buy for free with coins, shuriken ninja stars, energetic waves, or use immortality to complete levels faster and without damage to your ninja by making more easy your adventure 8 bit jump games. In the menu of this arcade games you will find all the modes available to play and to activate them it is sufficient for you to jump inside the writing of your liking and start the adventure. If you want to accumulate coins you can jump into the second menu text.

The character of this game is a brave ninja who will evolve into the next levels becoming a super hero ninja capable of jump like a fox and not only, in the next levels will be added to the combat function against the enemies with blows of punches and kicks and during fights will also need to jump over obstacles such as jump the rope. In some levels of the game you will find automatic elevators that rise and fall in time, you have to be careful not to get stuck and only jump at the right time to overcome them and move on, like every 8 bit jump game there are variations here too of difficulty then some levels will be much more difficult and it is recommended to collect coins and then use them to buy ninja weapons, with your weapons purchased you can defeat any enemy and it will become easier.

Your collected coins and even the number of ammo will remain the same even after making future updates to this 8 bit jump games so do not worry about your super ninja hero that will remain the same as you will leave it on your phone.

ninja skills:

--jump standard

-super jump with button pressed for long time



-kamei power wave

What's New

added new map

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8 bit jump games Super Jump Ninja Shadow arcade 3

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