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Come to listen to surround music, and with effect and perception in 8d

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UpdatedMay 06, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperMonica Marin
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Still do not know this type of music and this new perception and listen to music in 8d? With this new way of listening to songs in this dimension, with the helmets it seems to move from top to bottom and from left to right, thus surrounding the entire brain.

It seems that the 8D is futuristic, but it really was born in the 80s. This technique will seem like the music is moving around you. The 8D penetrates and simulates you as if you were listening to the song live. One of the great shortcomings of the technique is that it is based on a standard head size. A little trick when you listen to it with headphones: if you do it with your eyes open you will only notice the feeling that the music goes from left to right from behind, but if you close them, you will notice the music in front of you as well.

They are new sounds, enveloping sounds and audios heard in another dimension, the 8d dimension. When listening to this amount of songs and themes with your headphones, you will notice that effect provided by 8d music.
If you want to live an immersive experience, in this app, you have a wide variety of songs with the 8D effect for you to enjoy.

If one of your hobbies is listening to music, then you should try this technology of surround sound and audio in 8d with your headphones.
If you have headphones or headphones nearby, it's time to put them in your ears, because with this app you will discover what 8d music really is. You will be able to know what 8d audio consists of, and of course, many songs and themes so you can live the experience with your own senses.

In summary, this music is a type of audio, that the letters, sounds, or audios are perceived musically in 8 different directions. Its name comes from ambisonic audio. This technology tries to play with the sound waves and keep them moving. Therefore, by using the headphones and closing the eyes, creates a perception that everything seems to move around us. A different perception to which we now knew. A wonderful surrounding perception.

All you need is the desire to experience a new dimension, a new enveloping effect and a different perception of sounds. Take your helmets and put them in your ears and do not stop listening to the best hits.

Email: monicamarin25@outlook.com

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