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Coach for more back health, well-being and productivity

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Hey, I am your 8th sense. Your sensor-based coach for more back health, well-being and productivity. Use your 8th sense and become a betterOne.

What is 8sense?
Half fitness coach, half physiotherapist - united in a wearable.
An attachable coach for your clothes. Helps you to sit more active. With posture training. Informs you about your current fitness level in the office. 8sense is designed to increase your health and productivity. And to protect.

Why do we need 8sense?
The perfect workout by the way. For the place where you spend most of your everyday life.
12 hours a day. Unilateral stress on muscles. Falling productivity. Negative effect on your intervertebral discs. The consequences of one-sided work and sitting are enormous and can not be offset by a simple workout in the evening.

How does 8sense work?
What looks like magic is extraordinary technology.
State-of-the-art motion sensors combined with the best possible measuring point on the back enable detailed and automatic posture and motion detection. And every day our algorithms get a bit smarter.

How does 8sense work for you?
Quantitative indicators. Conscious decisions.
8sense is perfect for transforming your office life. Whether you want to work on your health or your performance. Get to know yourself and your behavior more accurately and derive your own decisions.

It works so easy:
1) Get 8clip device.
2) Plug 8clip onto your clothes.
3) Download the app and start the coach.

Become part of the 8sense community and track your progress week after week!
8sense has been featured in different media including the Süddeutsche, Welt, Sat1 and many others.

Your advantages to be a betterOne:

• With personal trainer: With 8sense you get a "physiotherapist light" put to your side. Whenever and wherever you want.

• Real-time feedback: Get real-time feedback through vibration directly on the body and through the app. For healthy habits.

• More than training plans: Let's analyze your condition accurately. Interact in real time. 8sense can do more than previous apps.

• Developed by experts: Use the knowledge of the latest studies and renowned experts. Sports physician Lutz Graumann advises you.

• Effective, despite little time: For those who want to do something for their health despite the shortage of time at the highest level.

• Inexpensive: 8sense offers personal coaching for everyone. And that cheaper than any studio.

Email: support@8sense.com

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