911 GPS - (SAR) Search & Rescue GPS Walkie Talkie APK

911GPS Turns smart phones into GPS Walkie Talkies & homing beacons with 1 click

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UpdatedSep 14, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperHolden Global Technologies
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911 GPS functions like a GPS walkie Talkie and is the easiest way to put yourself on a live Google map and allow others to join you, even if you are in motion. The system allows you to create live Google Map Channels to which you can assign easy to remember names. Create a single Group Channel or create a channel for each team, mission or sortie. Share your channels by sending a traditional link or verbally share your channel name over the phone. You can even use a two way radio to verbally share a mobile location when sending urls are impossible. Search for 911 GPS maps on the www.911GPS.me website or the mobile app to instantly locate anybody. No other system is easier to use or more versatile.

How does 911GPS function like a GPS Walkie Talkie? You just create or join a map channel and invite anyone to join you. If you are both on the same channel, you can see each other's live location, even if you are in motion. Positions are updated every minute and 24 hours of location history can be displayed for each user. When you leave the channel the connection is broken, just like a regular two way radio or Walkie Talkie.

The 911 GPS app was created by an officer in the US Air Force Civil Air Patrol in response to a real life urgent situation and young child calling for help from a cell phone in a moving vehicle. When the child was not able to provide a location or even direction of travel, it quickly became apparent that it is very difficult to capture someone's location if you don't know the address and it is especially difficult if they are in motion. Even if you are able to locate the individual on a live map, sharing their location over the phone or by radio with authorities is almost impossible if you have to read a long random computer link.

Click on each map user tag to bring up a user status screen. The status screen will display speed, altitude, and direction of travel. GPS and UTM coordinates are shown side by side for each user making coordination with both air and ground teams easy with no translation between grid systems needed. Copy both sets of coordinates to your device's clipboard with the click of one button for easy sharing via text or read coordinates verbally over the phone or even a radio. Display up to 24 hours of location history for each user as a breadcrumb trail. 911 GPS has been tested in aircraft at altitudes up to 7000 feet.

A long press on the smart device's screen allows you to quickly drop place markers (Clues) on any map for all map members to view instantly. Individually name each place marker, attach images and detailed notes. UTM and GPS coordinates are also displayed on all Clues with a simple copy to clipboard button.

Use 911GPS to simply keep track of family and friends or use it for complex situations like organizing a search party. Track one person at a time or entire fleets of drivers using the existing smartphones everyone already owns. View locations on the app or on any web enabled device including tablets and even e-readers. No download or software is needed to just view a 911 GPS Map. Project a 911 GPS map onto a large wall mounted display for a "God's Eye" view of your entire team or bring up a 911 GPS map on your laptop in your vehicle. Click on the participant menu to instantly locate or check the status of any map member or clue.

Other functionality.

Ability to verbally direct anyone to your map while driving without touching your phone
Ability to name maps to match existing radio frequencies or channels
Ability to create Public Maps that anyone can join without prearranged agreements
Ability to leave a map unrestricted and open for anyone to join instantly from any device
Ability to assign passwords to maps and change passwords instantly if needed
Ability to restrict joining by requiring permission for each person requesting map access
Ability to instantly get contact information and connect to all participants with a single touch.

Email: contacthmgps@gmail.com

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