The most competitive maze game available, pitting you against others for points.

Download and start playing A Maze World today - The most competitive maze game available, pitting you against other players for points.

With an endless number of crowdsource mazes, this maze puzzle game is one of the most competitive mobile games of all time!

Rank up by running opponents' mazes or building one to take your opponents' points.

Relish the feeling of superiority when your quick thinking ability and skillful planning are rewarded with victory points.

Build a maze and check-in to see your maze's performance or run other player's mazes to level up!

A Maze World is completely free to play

A Maze World features:
● Use a simple menu to build a maze to stop other players from taking your points.
● Automatically search similarly skilled players to test your running and building ability
● Gifts are awarded in the gift shop when meeting certain criteria
● Receive different trophies depending on the league you're in
● A countdown timer is set in every maze, maze runners are victorious when reaching the endpoint before the timer ends.
● More and more mazes will be added daily in this crowdsource world of mazes.
● Leaderboards to watch your rank and competitors!
● Your match run and build history is stored in your profile
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What's New

Invite new players and share your unique ID in the social menu to receive a gift! Please enjoy building and running mazes in our first season of A Maze World.
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Latest Version

Version2.0 (2)
Updated2019-04-15 (8 months ago)
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