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A Recipe for Disaster

1.0 · Apr 26, 2021

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Version1.0 (2)
UpdatedApr 26, 2021
CategoryGames, Action & Adventure

A Recipe for Disaster game

Run a bakery together (1-2 players) by throwing everything against everything

Ever wondered how to run a bakery without hands? Well, wonder no more!

In "A Recipe for Disaster" you'll cooperatively bake the best breads ... by moving and throwing. (Because obviously, you do not need hands for throwing something.)

A short chaotic game for 1-2 players. Players sit opposite each other and each get their own half of the kitchen, and two joysticks to control their character.

A campaign with 20 levels. A masterclass in creative baking.

== What do I do? ==

You'll mainly throw ingredients at your teammates (which they don't need), collect way too many yeast (which you didn't need), and accidentally throw stuff (which you DID need) in the recycling bin ... but somehow still deliver edible bread in time.

In short: you'll be baking bread.

In long: the game is split into 20 levels. Each level teaches a new ingredient, or machine, or mechanic.

For more information, or more games by me, visit my official game studio website: https://pandaqi.com/a-recipe-for-disaster

Have fun!

Email: schoolofpanda@gmail.com

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