A-Score Music Composer APK

Music Composition App For Android

Version0.10.0c Osmium (87)
UpdatedJul 30, 2020 (2 months ago)
DeveloperPhilip Blandford
CategoryApps, Music & Audio

The most fully featured music composition app for Android - many of the features of Sibelius, Finale or Musescore in the palm of your hand.

Demo version - full access is by (very cheap) subscription.

Successor to the Chaconne Music Composition app, this includes many new features,

- Ability to work on individual parts
- See the whole score on a scrolling page
- Soundfont import
- Export to PDF or direct to printer

Other Features:

- Multiple staves and instruments
- Intuitive input via software piano keyboard
- Flexible, dynamic layout ensuring symbols make space for each other
- Zoom and scroll
- Tuplets and cross-rhythms
- Playback
- Select and paste bars, parts of bars or entire ranges
- Undo/redo
- Lyrics
- 'View' mode allows viewing score alone on the page
- Ornaments and articulations
- Acciaccaturas and groups of grace notes
- Dynamics, fermata
- Tie individual notes or whole chords
- Change clef, time and key signature at start or in middle of score
- Repeat bars, DC, Segno etc.
- Hairpin dynamics, slurs, 8va, pedal markings
- Compound and irregular time signatures
- Transpose part or all of score
- Insert any tempo or expression marking
- Change tempo at start of score or in middle
- Chord symbols
- Add or delete bars
- Import from MusicXml
- Import from MIDI coming soon!
- Save feature
- Export to PDF, MIDI, MusicXML
- Autosave

What's New

Replace third-party MIDI synth with fluidsynth

Email: philip.blandford@gmail.com

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