Swipe across the screen to tilt the board and merge pieces with the same letter!

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Free download A to Z Puzzle 1.0.2 apk game latest version for android


There is a 4x4 table of cells where each turn a few pieces with letter "A" appear at random places. You swipe across the screen in any of the four directions: up, down, left, or right. The swipe causes all pieces to move in that direction. If pieces with the same letter hit each other in the process, they merge and turn into a single piece with the next letter in the alphabet (e.g. 2 "A"s create 1 "B").

Your goal is to keep merging letters until you create a "Z". You lose the game if at some point no neighboring pieces can be merged, an thus none of the swipes makes a valid turn.

If you like casual puzzles to train spatial IQ, intelligence and geometric reasoning, try this game out. The game isn't too hard (actualy, it starts pretty easy) but it's pretty addicting and does require some logic think closer to the end, when the field gets really crowded.

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A to Z Puzzle 1.0.2

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1.0.2 (3) 2018-08-04
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