A classic asteroids retro arcade shooter game.

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A classic arcade game inspired by the original coin-op game Asteroids Deluxe from Atari. This game varies slightly in gameplay and features a floating, heads-up display view with glowing vector graphics that float over the backdrop for a pseudo 3D effect. To play you must stay alive by shooting asteroids, ufos, and space mines. The number of asteroids will increase as the game progresses, and the ufos will get smarter, and the space mines will start appearing sooner. Power up your shields and guns by collecting power-ups from destroyed ufos, and get an extra life every 10,000 points. How long can you survive the deadly asteroid field?

- Large Asteroid = 25 points
- Medium Asteroid = 50 points
- Small Asteroid = 100 points
- Space Mine = 100 points
- Large UFO = 250 points
- Small UFO = 1000 points

What's New

- Improved graphics and performance
- New enemies and gameplay
- Better menus with adjustable onscreen touch controls
- Two visual themes, Deluxe and Classic

Latest Version

A573R01D5 (free) 1.2.2

Updated: 2017-11-17 (2 years ago)

1.2.2 (122) 2017-11-17
1.1 (110) 2017-02-16