We bring people with smaller amounts of money together to co-own real estate.

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ABiTCrowd is a platform that brings together people with small amount of money and helps them CO-INVEST in REAL ESTATE properties with others so that they share the profit at the end of the agreed duration (holding time).

For example, if there is a real estate property going for $1,000 (plus legal and other overheads), ABiTCrowd will source and negotiate the deal and break down the total amount needed to buy such property into slots (say 10 slots of $100 each) and it will be advertised to investors who will pay for 1 or more slots.
These investors own the property but it will be managed by ABiTCrowd on their behalf.
The holding time which is the investment duration and how ROI(Returns on Investment) will be paid is stated on each advertised property.
Below are the types of investment on ABiTCrowd.

These are short term property investments of 6-12 months in which the properties like EMPTY LANDS or new already built properties are bought, held for 6-12 months then resold and both PROFIT and CAPITAL are shared amongst investors.

These are LONG TERM property investments in which ABiTCrowd architects design profitable real estate construction plans and come up with an ENTIRE BUDGET for buying of land and construction of such properties and the total amount needed is broken down into slots and investors can choose the number of slots they want and invest.
After Construction, the property is either sold or rented out to tenants who pay rent monthly and the ROI is shared amongst the investors.
ROI is stated on each property listed.

These are short term property investments
ABiTCrowd rents, buys or renovates apartments,hotels etc and investors fund it then get the ROI monthly.

1. All invested properties are INSURED if crowdfunded on ABiTCrowd.
Therefore, your investment is safe.

2. ABiTCrowd will try to only list profitable REAL ESTATE investments in countries where we are duly registered and licensed.

3. There is a 2% PLATFORM CHARGE for any amount you are investing but if you are Investing with TATCOIN you don't pay this 2% platform charge.
You can convert other currencies to TATCOIN on www.abitnetwork.com.

4. Property worth valuation is done every 6 months and updated on the platform.
You don't need to wait for others to sell your Investment STAKE. You can sell anytime you want.
Just click SALE STAKE and your investment STAKE will go to the market where other users can buy it from you and your account will be credited.
You can also buy investment stake from other users.

Happy Investing.

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