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Sep 20, 2023
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Abyss Survivor GAME

Abyss Survivor is a shoot 'em up mobile game with roguelite elements,
which offers players an action-packed and adrenaline filled experience.
What happens when biotechnology goes way too far?
Humanity is on the verge of extinction, and you're its only hope!

Using genetic engineering, humans managed to turn octopi into creatures far more intelligent than themselves.
In order to advance the study of biotechnology, humans and octopi began to collaborate.
The collaboration, however, soon ended due to an accident that transformed all octopi into mutants.
These mutated octopi turned against humans and breached their defenses.
Humans turned to space for help and received an answer from the mecha warriors.
Your quest now is to fight alongside the mecha warriors to crush the Abyssal Empire.

INTENSE COMBAT|Gun down all enemies and survive as long as you can in this 2D shooter.
BUILD YOUR SQUAD | Build a squad of three heroes and unleash their unique skills!
ROGUELITE GAMEPLAY|Test your strategic and combat skills by taking random starting buffs. You never know what bonuses your next skill will provide.
UNIQUE SKILLS|Each warrior possesses a unique set of skills. Use them wisely as you progress through the game.
Build Your City| Construct an impenetrable fortress city to safeguard humanity!
Tech Clash| The fortress faces threats from human adversaries! Will you concentrate on defense or unleash mighty assaults upon your rivals!
Amass Resources| Gather resources! Embrace Agricutlure! Collect as many resources as possible!
Explore the Unknown| Allow the beacon of courage to guide your path! Mecha Warriors, go forth and explore!
MERGE TO BUILD YOUR CITY | Merge resources to create advanced materials and construct an impenetrable fortress city!

Join the struggle to save humanity!
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