Countdown app release date of AC Valhalla - Can be used even after release


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Nov 8, 2020

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AC Valhalla Countdown APP

Assassin Creed Valhalla Most Simple to Provide Date of Launch Countdown Information.

Ubisoft's 12th Assassin Creed main series, Ubisoft's hidden action open-world game, scheduled to be released in 2020, is no longer counted and easily checked.

Customizable forums, post-launch birthday features, and more will continue to be available.

main function

▢ Provides release date information in seconds
- Wait for the release date and start the game right away

▢ Randomly changing images
- Various images randomly change over time

▢ Customizable forum list
- Obtain and manage related information in one place through customizable forum lists

▢ Available even after release
- After release, it changes to birthday and continues to work
- Personalized forums and YouTube links allow continued use even after release

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