Account Manager : Income, Expense, Finance Tracker APK

Account Manager is essential application to manager your expenses, budget.

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UpdatedJun 07, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperFelorida kitchen
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Account Manager is essential application to manager your expenses, budget, income, bank accounts, credit card and even currency conversion rates and cryptocurrencies status. Time for carrying notes, receipts etc in your wallet is over. This app will do calculation and track your records and transactions of income and expenses.
Account Manager keeps your transactions of any category and calculates your balance and expenses and income and you can update any record anytime from records list.
App gives you list of categories of expenses and differentiated with color according to type of category. Record is complete section of transaction details with Name, description, payee, date, payment method, warranty, location, picture of receipt of a transection. Adding a record provides a calculator have a calculated record.
Account Manager Record is a important part of application, it keeps transaction details and app separates list of records according to your accounts. Also give you pie chart of records payments. You can view/update any record anytime.
Account Manager calculates and maintains your balance for you and lets. Balance is calculated by accounts you add. Also app give you a chart of your current balance and history, you can view balance chart by Day, Week, Month and Year view.
Add multiple accounts in Account Manager i.e. Bank Account, Cash, Credit Card. On creating a transaction app give you option to pick a account to make that transection.
Application give you currency rates of your selected currencies into your local currency. You can add three live currency conversion.
App give you live rate of most popular cryptocurrencies rates into your selected currency. You can add three cryptocurrencies rate on main screen.

Applications Features:

► Multiple Bank accounts.
► Visually differentiate Accounts color representation.
► Transfer between accounts.
► Transections records.
► Switch transactions between accounts.
► Detailed balance chart
► Add unlimited transactions records
► Edit and update transactions in records.
► Records representation in Pie Chart.
► Categories in different colors and icons set.
► Add detail to every transaction i.e. payee, payer, receipt photo and location etc.
► Manage your expenses in your currency.
► Keep an eye on currency exchange rates and cryptocurrencies

Email: felorida.911@gmail.com

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