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1.5 · Jun 26, 2020

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Version1.5 (8)
UpdatedJun 26, 2020
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ACNH Flower Breeding Guide app

A Real Flower Breeding Guide for Animal Crossing New Horizons

A Real Flower Breeding Guide and Calculators for Animal Crossing New Horizons

Including 2 main unique features:
* Step by Step Breeding Flow Chart
* Fully Flexible Gene Spreadsheet that can be EDIT & SEARCH by user

According to Paleh who wrote the genes(Important note):
Most genes have been labeled where 11 is dominant, however I’ve labeled the W gene opposite, where WW = 00, because the color caused by 11 (purple and blue) behaves similarly to a recessive color. Recessive genes are normally labeled with a lowercase gene name by convention, so I’ve decided to stick with gene naming conventions here. Some guides/tools do not flip this gene, and leave WW = 11, so keep that in mind when looking at other guides and tools.


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