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Aug 6, 2018
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Action Bros GAME

Are you ready for some explosive action my brother? Then join the Action Bros as they complete missions destroying rockets, capturing flags, and a lot more! Try to get all achievements and score the highest possible points in this action platformer game.

Action Bros is an action shooter platformer game packed with dozens of various missions. For every mission you complete, you’ll earn stars according to your performance. These stars can be spent to upgrade your character’s physique (Health, speed, etc) or can be spent to buy new and more powerful guns.

Accomplish your missions in this fun shooting game Action Bros. Choose your character, weapons and eliminate anyone who stands in your way or they will eliminate you. Each level has a different task and they are all full of enemies!

Action, danger, survival and firepower, welcome to Action Bros a frantic shooter with plenty of activities. In solo mode dozen missions will need to be complete successfully. Survival, evasion, destruction, capture the flag, the objectives will be varied and 6 insane arenas will also be unlock-able. Many weapons and skins for your character may be purchased during your progression.

There are many levels in this game as well as enemies you have to eliminate. You also find the mode "capture the flag" here and much more. Try to unlock new weapons, awards and get a high score. At first, you can only use two weapons but gradually new ones will be added. There are many different soldiers you can control. Each of them has different abilities. One of them runs fast, one of them shoots really well and another one has great defense.

Game developed by gametornado.
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