Memorize the 9 x 9 addition table.


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Jan 18, 2021

Addition Memorizer App

Addition Memorizer helps you memorize the 9 x 9 addition tables.

General Features
+ Provides interactive lists covering the first 9 addition tables.
+ A practice area to improve accuracy.
+ A timed area to improve speed.
+ Keeps track of overall progress and best times.

There are five general areas:

Times Tables provides a stress free learning environment. It's a modern take on addition flash cards. This area displays the entire addition table, a "row" at a time. You can show or hide the answers to any addition problem at any time. There are no questions, no time limit, no data tracking.

Practice is where your addition memorization is tested. Questions are randomly generated. It's your job to enter the answer digit by digit (there is no multiple choice). The number of correct and incorrect attempts are tracked and saved for each addition fact. Incorrect problems are listed at the end of each session and you'll have the option to repeat all the questions, repeat only on the incorrect attempts, or shuffle the questions all together.

Time Trials is where you put all that practice to the test: How fast can you answer 10 addition questions? Compete against yourself or compare your times with friends and people all over the world!

Time Records keeps track of your top 10 fastest completion times for each addition problem set attempted in the Time Trials area. Displays your rank, initials, time, and date for each record. Note: to set a record, you must answer 8 of the 10 questions correctly!

Data is where you can see how you're doing for each addition fact. The result for each fact is displayed as a colored box inside an addition chart. The colors range from green to red (with green meaning good and red meaning not-so-good). Pressing a box will show more details for that fact: Number Correct, Total Attempts, Percentage, and Grade.

Look for more addition games and features to be added in the future!

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