Traveller from the different world, fight on the land of fantasy!


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Jun 19, 2023
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Advent of Tailed GAME

Advent of Tailed is a role-playing mobile game. Players need to save the world here.

You are one of the last hope of human, please adventure together with your friends and let the world back to normal!

· Grand worldview, discover the unknown secrets
Humanity is facing its greatest challenge in thousands of years. Conflicts are intensifying in various regions. Please find the lost jutsu with your friends and discover the secrets!

· Simple operation, team up freely
Defeat your enemies with strategy! Amazing skill effects, various tasks and attractive music make your adventure full of fun!

· Collect characters, fight together
Summon different characters and cultivate them from different aspects!

· Build a guild, have fun with your members
Build a guild to make friends with other players!

· Decorate your housing, enjoy a leisure time
Japanese? Technological? Gorgeous or exotic? It's up to you!
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