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UpdatedFeb 22, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperHoney Computing Services
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Added support for 9 languages


Offline app For Hi-tech Lawyers / Advocates / Judges/ Law Practitioners who need to schedule their cases in different courts(High Court/Supreme Court or any other court). this is the offline application (no internet required to operate), data will be saved in your handset, hence its very fast, please watch the video for clarification.

This app will help you save lots of time. You can use this app for your case management related to different courts and different clients. You have to add courts and clients only once first time and it will be ready for your use in the dropdown while case adding / editing.

You can also use website version.
URL -> http://honey-computing.com
Username -> {Your email address which you add in personal info page}
Password -> {Your mobile numbers last 4 digits which you add in personal info page}

Please do the following in order to use this app
1) Add at least one Case (Homepage -> My Cases-> Click on the right top icon "+" symbol)
2) Add at least one case hearing for getting emails from system (Homepage -> Click "Add Hearing")

1) You can see the schedule (Homepage => Show Schedule button)
2) You can see the complete case details (Homepage -> Go to any case -> Click on "Details" icon)
3) You can see the meaning of icons on this page (Homepage -> click on "Show Help Icons" and remember this icon while using this app every time, they are using everywhere for saving the space)
Following features are implemented in this mobile application
4) SMS can be sent to clients from system,no need to write manual emails, it will ask for valid mobile number if number is not provided

1) Court Management
a) Add Court
b) Update Court
c) Show the Court Listing
d) Search the Court

2) Client Management
a) Add Client
b) Update Client
c) Show the Client Listing
d) Search the Clients

3) Case Management
a) Add New case
b) Update the case Details
c) Search for particular case
d) Add Case Hearings Details
e) Update Case Hearing (Update next hearing date / remarks / Next Fixed For )
f) Update case to Decided so that it wont come in the dropdown in future for scheduling

4) Schedule
a) Show schedule for Today
b) Show schedule for Tomorrow
c) Show schedule for Coming week
d) Show schedule for Coming month
e) Show schedule between any given date selected by you from easy date picker
f) Search from the schedule
g) You will get daily and weekly emails for your next schedules related to any case so that no need to open a physical diary and you can pre-intimate your clients accordingly about the case schedule date

5) Data Backup (Internet is required on mobile device for taking data backup)
a) Dont worry even though your mobile is stolen or damaged, we take your data backup regularly so that even if you loss the handset, at least data will be with you in the new handset, we can give your data back on your new handset, you need to just confirm the email which you entered initially
b) As soon as you entered the personal information, you will get email verification email, click on the link, it will change your email status to verified in our database which will be easy for us while giving back the data to you in case you need in future

6) Help Icons
a) There is one page wherein we display the icons we used while operating the app (Screenshot also provided in app description screenshots)
b) We have used same icons for all the manage pages (court management, client management, case management, schedule management)

Updates- -> Now user can use multiple devices AND / OR website, everywhere data will be same per user even though he has multiple devices).

Email: honey.computing.india@gmail.com

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