🐱 Take your cuddly cats on a journey above the clouds 🐱

Version1.6 (106)
UpdatedJan 15, 2020 (10 months ago)
CategoryGames, Casual

😺 Welcome to AERO CATS, the amazing addictive cat game where you and your fluffy friends embark on a journey to find your cat planet!

Take to the skies with your cute cuddly heroes, ascending as high as you can by holding tight onto helium balloons. Just don’t pop them!

The path ahead is dangerous indeed. You’ll need to be careful and avoid sharp hazards such as flying cacti, clusters of falling dynamite, and those pesky airborne alligators!

There’s a lot out there that wants to pop your cat’s favorite balloon. Fortunately you can defend yourself with your trusty mice who are sworn to protect their feline masters! Upon your command they will soar through the skies and eliminate anything in their path.

With more than 90 cats, 60 Mice, and 60 balloons to choose from, there’s an AERO CAT for everyone! 🐱🐭🎈

What's New

What's New in 1.6:

- Shorter and improved tutorial.
- Rewards at the end of the run are now earned per medal completed on each of the daily achievements rather than requiring 3 medals of one ranking in all categories.
- Changed all spiky blocks to black for improved visual communication during gameplay.

Email: support@aerocats.zendesk.com

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