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Aerobics is a type of gymnastics that is performed to the sound of music, in a room or outdoors. Aerobics brings together all the benefits of aerobic exercise, in addition to exercising physical abilities such as flexibility, coordination, orientation, rhythm, etc. The rhythm of the aerobic sessions varies according to the age of the audience that practices it. The songs used mark the intensity in each moment of the class. Aerobics should also include warm-up exercises and stretching.
There are other modalities of this sport, such as that practiced in the pool (water aerobics), which incorporates a platform of low height (step), or that combines aerobic exercises with muscle toning.
Music is essential to perform aerobics, with this app you can play music when and where you need it, you have your playlist ready to do your training with the best songs and videos of aerobics.
If you like gym, fitness, yoga but do not have time to go to classes, now you have this app with which you can download music on your smartphone or tablet with free android operating system and practice aerobics at home or outdoors. You have a different playlist in each language with the most current music videos, these are renewed periodically to bring you the best and most updated of the network.
You have music videos in three different languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese, with different videos in each of them. You can also share your favorite videos with your family and friends by wassap and facebok.
You will not have to download music every time you have a new workout, you can play music from your smartphone or tablet with your aerobic music app.
Whatever the modality you practice: fitness, zumba dance, gym classes, spinning, step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, dance, running, running, aerobics, cycling, cardio and wellness, we bring you the appropriate music for you to enjoy it to the fullest : electronic music for sports, gospel aerobics music workout, fitness hits top, latin dance, cardio music mix, and much more variety of music so that paracticar your favorite sport is much more fun. The music makes your training more entertaining and practicing sport is pleasant and liberating.
Do not miss the opportunity to try this free app, you can download it and listen to your favorite song among a variety of music to dance and play sports.

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