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Version3.0 (28)
UpdatedJun 03, 2021
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Afghan Media news app

Afghan Media App will bring you all the Latest News from Afghanistan

this application has been launched to prevent wastage of time and quick access to news in Pashto language from afghanistan and world.
The application, named "افغان رسنۍ" in Pashto and "Afghan Media" in English, brings together all of Afghanistan's most popular media outlets.
The main features of this application are as follows:
- Internet consumption increases by looking at the web pages, but with this application, all the news on the internet is downloaded to the phone on time, with less usage of internet Data.
- News and content that has been downloaded from the websites to the application can be viewed at any time later, even if the Internet is no more.
- All major media and websites are grouped into one application. Instead of looking at more apps and pages, this one app is enough.
- If a media outlet in your area is filtered by the government or a telecommunications company, all the content in this application will reach you easily and on time.
- News and content of all media outlets except Pajhwok are fully published.
- Downloading it in the Google Store makes it easy to download to the phone.
- this app and this app is safe for all phones and tablets in every sense.

From now on, Afghan media users will no longer have to worry about searching for news on sites, they can download and install this application, and look for all news happening around the world and afghanistan.

we have updated our app, so now it will have more news sources and video content.

د افغان میډیا په نوي اپلیکیشن کې به تاسو لاندي ویب پاڼو څخه خبرونه او لیکنې پر وخت لاسه کوئ:
نن ټکی اسیا -
بي بي سي پښتو -
امریکا غږ
المان غږ
ازادي راډیو
عزم ویب پاڼه
اصلاح انلاین
اریانا تلویزون
سپوږمۍ راډیو
اریانا نیوز / دري
کابل ډاټ کام
ټرایبل نیوز
خاورمیانه / پښتو
مسیر ورځپاڼه
کلید راډیو
خامه پریس
طلوع نیوز
خوځښت ویب پاڼه
نړۍ نیوز
مشال راډیو
ویسا ورځپاڼه
د نن ټکی اسیا یوټیوب چېنل
ایمان چېنل
طلوع نیوز یوټیوب
اشنا تلویزون
که کومه رسنۍ نه وي او تاسو غواړئ چې هغه هم ور اضافه شي، نو هیله ده اړیکه ونیسئ.
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