With the Afore SURA app take control of your retirement savings


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Feb 26, 2021

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Afore Móvil SURA APP

With the Afore SURA app it is very easy to register and check your Afore at all times.

By having your Afore with SURA you will be able to check your balance up to date, request your account statement, save with voluntary contributions, calculate the amount of your pension, make the release of unemployment partiality, receive personalized advice through our chat and much more without having to leave home.

Be part of Afore SURA
Registering your Afore with SURA digitally from your app is very easy. You can do it in 3 steps and without having to go to a branch:
1. Enter your CURP, verify and complete your information.
2. Take a photo and your official ID.
3. Sign your contract and enjoy the services we have for you
If you are already part of Afore SURA, just enter your data to validate your account and start enjoying the benefits of the mobile Afore.
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