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The african bible is for a african american study bible person who need to learn

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The african bible is for a african american study bible person who need to learn

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Arnoldus Pannevis proposed an Afrikaans Bible translation in 1872 in a letter to a newspaper. At that time, Afrikaans was not regarded as a language separate from Dutch but as a simplified version of Dutch, and all white people were expected to be able to read and understand proper Dutch anyway, and therefore Pannevis' proposal was for a translation in the "simple" Dutch used by non-whites. Pannevis and C.P. Hoogenhout also wrote to the British and Foreign Bible Society to request such a translation, but the request was denied.

At around this time (1875) several magazines, small newspapers and other publications in bible all south african languages (for speakers regardless of race) increasingly agreed with Pannevis. The publisher of several of these decided in 1878 that an Afrikaans Bible translation must be made, and in 1885 commissioned SJ du Toit to start the translations. These translations were completed: Genesis (1893), Gospel of Mathews (1895), Revelation (1898), and Psalms (1907). Before his death in 1911 Du Toit was working on a translation of the Gospel of Luke. In an african bible study magazine at the time, the new african bible, the following translations were also published: Song of Songs (1905), Acts of the Apostles (1908) and Gospel of Mark (1908).

Hoogenhout also completed a translation of the Gospel of Mark, in 1878, though this was never published.

By the 1920s opinion had changed towards catholic african bible as a language in its own right. In 1916, the Dutch Reformed Church created a commission to investigate the possibility of an african bible commentary translation. It was originally thought that the translation should be a rewrite of the Dutch translation using african bible offline words, and such a translation of the Gospels and Psalms (Vier Evangelië en Die Psalme) was published in 1922, but was not well received by the public. In 1929 the same publication was published, this time in real african american bible, south african english bible, and was well received, african heritage bible. The translation of the full african heritage study Bible was published in 1933.

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