Age of Thrones APK

Welcome to the Seven Kingdoms

UpdatedMay 06, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperChen Seng
CategoryGames, Strategy

Age of Thrones is a strategy game in which players have to manage the city of Winterfell by constructing lots of different buildings, going on missions, and recruiting troops to defend the kingdom from all of their enemies.

Among the enemies you find during your adventures are not only the fearful creatures from beyond the wall, but also the other houses of the Seven Kingdoms, which will face off against your soldiers on the battlefield.

The combat system is not particularly entertaining, because all you do is choose which troops will participate, and the rest will be done automatically. Unfortunately, even though you cannot control your units, you still have to watch how they trade blows.

As you defeat your enemies and progress through the game, you can level up your cities and improve the power of your units.

Age of Thrones is an interesting strategy game, and although it doesn't stand out in any particular area, it does have the bonus of being based in the Game of Thrones setting.

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