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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

This application is to bring you Ahmad Saud Quran MP3 (Juz Amma mp3) Offline. The collection consists of a young Qari named Ahmed Saoud, who's beautiful voice and talent came into light during a Qur'anic Recitation Competition where he recited Surah Ya Sin.

This Ahmad Saud Juz Amma mp3 App works perfectly offline. No need of Internet connection. Just download and start listening immediately.

Some people are asking about Ahmad Saud full Quran mp3 offline, please note, he is a young qaari and hence not all surahs of his recitation are available. But I'm gathering his other recitations apart from the Juz Amma. In shaa Allah as soon as his complete Quran recitation becomes available i will bring you a new application to listen the Ahmad saud full quran mp3 that you like. Until then, please manage the Juz Amma mp3.

To bring more of the young qaari Holy Quran recitations, yesterday i brought you an app which contains some special surahs. In that App you'll find: surah Al Ahzab, surah Ya Seen, surah Qaf, surah A Rahman, Surah Mulk, surah Al Muzzammil, surah An Naba and surah An Nazi'at. Search in the play store for Ahmad Saud Special Surahs MP3 and you will find it in shaa Allah.

If you have many of the young qaari recitations, please send it to me using the developer email provided below. That will help me bring you the full quran quickly in shaa Allah. Jazakumullahu khair as you do.

Application features:

- Listen to the Ahmad Saud murottal offline without streaming mp3 or download mp3. Listen directly after download. No streaming required.

- High quality mp3 sound

- Simple UI and easy navigation

- Shuffle surahs

- Repeat a certain surah or all surahs

- Listen to app while in background

- Ability to use other apps while listening

- App is shareable by simply clicking the share button

- Ahmad Saud Quran Juz Amma mp3 Offline

- This App is completely FREE and will always be!

Brief About him: أحمد سعود young Sheikh Ahmed Saud is a famous reciter of The Holy Quran, and legendary religious child. The young Sheikh Ahmed Saoud is from Saudi Arabia. Through his magnificent psalmody, he cracks the voices and makes them weep with joy and satisfaction, just like his fellow Saudis.

The young Sheikh Ahmed Saoud organized several jalassates or rather conferences about various themes and diverse subjects, which tens of faithful audiences attend with admiration every year. All these events occurred when he was still a child. A lot of instructors and religious men have been helping him become a great Sheikh one day.

Many TV channels, radio stations and web sites spread the productions of the young Sheik Ahmed Saoud.

Since his young age, the young Sheikh was interested in Islamic sciences which amazed his relatives and acquaintances. What a magnificent voice he has. May God bless him and be with him in his journey to reach the top of success and glory.

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Thank you very much for checking out this App!

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