Aiko English BASIC. Step 3 APK

Have fun learning your 3rd step into English with Aiko Kindergarten.

UpdatedApr 23, 2015 (5 years ago)
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Welcome to Aiko Kindergarten English Program's FIRST smartphone application! We thank you very much for all your support, and look forward to bringing you BIGGER and BETTER applications in the future!!
Located in the City of Matsuyama within the Ehime Prefecture of Japan, Aiko Kindergarten has been one of the leading pioneers of teaching English as a Second Language to early­aged children for nearly 40 years. With the growing advancement of "smart" technology into our daily lives, we felt the timing for developing software for children to use at home with their family and friends in a fun, immersive, and educational way was right.
This is the BASIC application. It is meant to be a supplement for students of Aiko to learn and review materials covered within the classroom, at their leisure, in an outside of school environment.
This is STEP 3 of the four BASICs applications. It is oriented towards children ages 4 to 5 years old, and/or intermediate learners of the Aiko Kindergarten's English Program.

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