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Air Horn - Siren Sounds Prank (Pro)

1.1 · Aug 22, 2020

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Latest Version

Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedAug 22, 2020
DeveloperBN Infotech
CategoryApps, Entertainment

Air Horn - Siren Sounds Prank (Pro) app

Air Horn - Siren Sounds Prank, Fun way to wake up your Friends and Family

Turn your phone in The Loudest best quality Air horn prank.

Impress or prank your friends and family with this very loud sound. Scare of animals when needed, they will run away from the sound.

With Air Horn you can prank, scare or wake your friends up or even cheer at a sports event.

It includes various realistic sounds such as air horn, train, ship... which will fool everyone. Every event is better when you pump the air horn as you stroll in. Killed it at a meeting? Air horn. Nephew just got baptized? Pump the air horn alongside the choir.

This air horn is capable of making multiple noises: air horn, fire truck siren, high pitched air horn, vuvuzela, whip, machine gun, police car and others.

In this App there is a great collection of air horn sound and siren sounds.
you can scare, annoy, prank with you friends.

This App includes many realistic sounds such as air horn, train, ship, truck, instruments, police sirens, fire engine horns and sirens, burglar alarms, loud car horn, and a loud tug boat horn which will fool everyone. Imagine what you can do if you combine it with a loud sound system.

Turn your Android into an air horn, Train, Police Siren, Ambulance Mermaid, Car and Truck, Air Raid, Cavalry, French and USA Fire Truck siren.

- Graphical interface with nice sound meter.
- The best quality sound from an real world air horn.
- Loud high quality Horns and Sirens.
- Toggle continuous play via Loop button.
- Tablet friendly.

New sounds and features will be included in time, and suggestions are more than welcome.


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