Airport Madness: World Edition APK

Stop midair collisions as an air traffic controller at eight complext airports.

Version173 (173000000)
UpdatedJun 22, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperBig Fat Simulations Inc.
CategoryGames, Action & Adventure

Developed by real air traffic controllers! You are an air traffic controller at various real-world airports. Strive to keep airplanes separated, while avoiding midair collisions.

The sixth game in the Airport Madness series includes new features, such as assignable arrival and departure runways, different game modes, human pilot voices, and radar. We've added a player efficiency meter, to show controllers how well they are performing.

Click on the aircraft to display their individual control panels. Provide takeoff clearances only when runways appear to be clear of other aircraft.

What's New

We're very sorry for the delay of this update!
Added Zurich, for a total of 12 airports;
Resolved issues with sound buttons showing wrong state;
Fixed incorrect runway numbering in Dubai;
Achievements page now shows progress.

Email: bigfatsimulations@gmail.com

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