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Oct 18, 2023
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AKA3 Email Alias APP

RK Tech Works presents AKA3™, an email alias service (email forwarding service) for Web3 that protects your privacy and protects you from spammers.

Email aliases allow you to provide a unique email address when requested, which forwards to your real email address. If that company/person/service starts spamming you, simply block that email address.

AKA3 -- email alias service benefits: Setup an account and tell us a username and your email address. Then go forth and invent email alias addresses to use in your everyday activities.

AKA3 -- email aliases for the Web3 world: How you interact with the internet is changing, and this email forwarding service supports the decentralized world. The service name combines the concepts of the alias (Also Known As) with the 3rd generation of the internet (decentralized technology).

AKA3 -- respecting your privacy: Nothing personal, but we don't ask your name or where you're from. It's not that we don't care about you, but we don't need it to provide this service.

AKA3 -- how it works: Take control of your privacy with this simple, yet powerful email alias service. Emails are forwarded to your real address. Reply to any as normal.

This is a paid subscription service with a free trial. For more information, view our website at", our terms of use at and our privacy policy at
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