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- Al Kamal Azharian Language Institutes Application :- This application allow the communication process between the Institute and parents.

About School

Institute vision:
Our institute is distinguished in both academic and educational aspects with an exceptional opportunity to make a significant contribution to our community. We believe that every child is capable of achieving outstanding results if provided with proper education. We prepare our students to excel academically and morally through our elaborate curriculums.

The upbringing of our students is in accordance with the best educational and scientific systems. Our goal is to hire very efficient staff in both educational and administration fields. Our highly qualified teachers are so committed to the educational process so as to provide our society with distinguished adults who are prepared to strive for academic excellence with the purpose of making a huge difference in our challenging environment.
Based on our understanding of the basic needs of a modernized system of education, we provide our students with the latest language and science laboratories to cope with the new developments in technology. What is more, our institute is accredited according to the local and international quality system.

Institute slogan:
Continuous Excellent Performance.

Institute Privileges:
Our primary goal is to provide the community with balanced citizens who pursue success by all means and strive to achieve excellence in their academic life.
This comprehensive vision needs a great determination and special programs to achieve our ultimate goal. Distinguished curriculums and specific tools are available to meet the requirements of the effective educational process.
· Separate buildings for boys and girls.
· Distinguished curriculums for English language.
· Usage of “Noor AlBayan” method in memorizing Quran so that every child is capable of reading short verses from early years.
· Phonic teachers.
· Computer, Science and Phonics laboratories.
· Second languages (French - German).
· Available physician.
· Psychological counsellor.
· Summer club: Our school provides a wide variety of activities designed to promote cultural, social, sporting and artistic skills. This program is tailored to meet the needs of your children.
· Montessori and Active learning: Montessori is a method of teaching in which senses are used to develop the realization and cognitive skills of your children. Moreover, it facilitates the process of learning the basics of Math and Science.
· Special Montessori classes in kindergarten.
· Achieving excellence in Quran memorization.
· Ability to read and write from kindergarten stage.
· Montessori curriculum.
· Special courses for non-Arabic speakers.
· Library and Multimedia lab.
· Possibility of transfer from general education to Azhari education which is permissible till grade three.
· Swimming pool (boys - girls).
· Various activities during the academic year, including school trips for educational purposes and fun as well.
· Comprehensive medical care.
· Sporting and artistic activities.
· AlKamal sporting academy.
Bus lines are available and extend to cover most of the residential areas.

Quran competitions and other achievements:
· We have acquired the first position in the Elementary certificate on the level of Helwan governorate for the academic year 2009/2010.
· Our students are always blessed by being the first ten in Quran competitions in AlAzhar AlSharif.
· We have acquired the first position in AlAzhar competitions for Quran recitation and memorization for the academic year 2011. The honored student was “Ziad Ashraf”.
· We have received the second place on the level of the Republic in Presentation Competition for the year 2011. The honored student was “Noran Osama” - 3rd prep.

Email: zagelapplication@gmail.com

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