Al Quran with Bengali Translation and Meaning APK

Al Quran with Bengali Translation and Meaning

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Al Quran with Bengali Translation and Meaning

There are about 35 million Bengali speaking people in the world, most of them Muslim The Bengali-speaking Muslim brothers have shown great interest in teaching Quran. Many of us have not been able to teach the Qur'ān in childhood for various obstacles, which today has become the cause of our regret. You can learn Quran Sharif easily through this app. Because on the Day of Resurrection, Allah (Sub) will speak the language of the Quran and recite it by reciting the Qur'an. Besides, it is necessary to speak to angels in the grave through Arabic education.
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Those who do not teach the Quran, they will try to learn soon. Understanding that Qur'an Sharif is the reward of many. So we have to understand the meaning. To understand and understand the Qur'an tafsir. If you need to know the Qur'an, such as Tafsir ibn Kasser, Tafahimul Quran and Tafseer, you will have to learn and learn using Murrayful Qur'an. Among them, Tafsir ibn Kassir is one of the apps which we can download. Al-Qur'an Sharif, along with Bangla pronunciation, we will be present among you. In just a few days, Insha Allah You will find it very easy to read or read the Quran and Bangla and English translation of the Holy Qur'an. Besides this, the app has given simple translation of the Qur'an's Bangla and English so that in addition to the recitation, the meaning of the Qur'an Majid can be understood. Those who can not recite this Maha Ramadan Listen to al-Quran audio, this will increase your interest in learning as well as increase the illusion of Islam. Al Quran is available to buy audio CDs in Bangla translation, if you do not need to buy it or download it from the internet and keep it in collection. Ampara - 30th is a little app that we will release in front of our store.
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