Aladdin : Save The Princess APK

A casual game which is easy to play yet challenging with one touch control.

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UpdatedOct 08, 2020 (2 months ago)
DeveloperBlack Chilli Games - Free 3d Car Racing & Shooting
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Come and save the princess in this game with exciting new levels!

Simple to control!! You can play with one hand very fast. We have among us a casual game which is easy to play yet challenging with one touch control. Sharp concentration, Quick reflexes and observation skills are naturally essential in this interactive classic game.

Legend has it that after the clash of the empires princes shusiria evony who loves to chat play piano, football, bingo etc is captured from the arena and taken by force to a mansion in a place called kingdom of machington. From a totally reliable source it’s known that her survival is in danger if some star hero doesn’t rise to save her life in five days and five nights.It is not easy as it seems as this beautiful stardew heaven valley is more dangerous than underworld mafia city which has strange custom involving alchemy, pool of fire ,slither snake ,casino slots ,poker ,they have acrylic nails and human bully is antistress - relaxing game in this creed.You can’t even call it a kingdom its more like a fishdom or braindom or whatever dom you may want to call it,They are a plague in this world and they have monopoly in cruelty.The Sultan who is known to have nerves of steel is now in a zombie state after the loss of thrones and theft of papa’s little girl. Every 60 seconds are more piercing than fishing hooks, his heart blasts like an atomic bomb and his blader beats like his heart.

He is searching for an adventure frenzy dragon rider to pull him out of this tangle.Only someone who can raid and strike the fire balls throwing dragons and make them fall flat like an Idle Goat or mudRunner ants can have a doubledown genshin impact on this conquest.
This is a blitz call for all the true legends, champions ,heroes ,assasins ,rebel ,drawmaster ,magic booyah ,lowriders ,cruising pirates ,commandos ,squad ,black ops or any other courageous man in this galaxy.
Do you have the courage to take this duty contest and flick & crack the necks and pop the heads of all the series of enemies and madden them and comeback home with the princess. If you win this safe delivery you will collect not just pocket full of Gold coins / cubes or house full of cash, you may even win the princess.Your identity will be among all the big fish ,masters ,lords and cashman like no one in las vegas or san andreas and you will be famous in every walk of life from farming ,fishing ,parking ,sports ,yahtzee buddies playing slotomania ,dice throwers,clans fighting dokkan battle ,cops ,pawn shop owners ,saga players ,beauty parlor and everywhere else.From east to west people will forever marvel the episode you paint on papers of history. Your story will be told and retold by grandma , scribblenauts kids will scribble your name on their doodle books ,widgets ,toys.Word puzzles/teaser/riddle/trivia/color/wordscapes all the books will have your name in them and not even geometry books will be made without your name on it .Design makeover will redecor tiles with your photo in houses.From puppy town to grena freezeria and from pizzeria to freddy’s town and from bloons vice city to nfl to afk to sl to fnaf to edm to jam to wsop to XYZ everyone will celebrate your grand anniversary every year.
So what are you waiting for ?
Dress up,Yes, that dress! Please roll your sleeves like steve ,Tie your belt, dye your hair,feed your brain some soda,kiwi and candy and truck’em all and choose your way to incredibox jackpot party in fantasy 3d world.
You have no clue where this epic royale classic mystery game with auto controls will take you.Its a trilogy and remix of easy ,beautiful and simulator game.This high grade free game is build as merge and join of best toon games aladin .Let’s take a tour into new edition for new online mobile game era.
You are on a mission where you earn or die!!

Let God be with you!

What's New

New Levels Added.
Bug Fixes.

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