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Algo - compile and run your algorithm APK

Compile and run your algorithm written in French pseudo-code

Version2.0.8 (108)
UpdatedFeb 09, 2021 (3 months ago)
CategoryApps, Education

Algo is a powerful application for compiling and running algorithms (pseudo-code) written in French language. Designed to help biginners to verify their ideas as quickly as possible. This application aims to facilitate the process of understanding algorithms for beginners. can be also used in the classroom for educational purposes.

✳️ Features
✅️ Check if a given pseudo-code of algorithm is syntactically correct or not;
✅️ Build and run an algorithm;
✅️ Integrated console;
✅️ Syntax highlighted and automatic closing of the parenthesis;
✅️ Editor with line number ;
✅️ Smart compiler and editor;
✅️ Auto format code;
✅️ Relaunch your code without leaving the console;
✅️ Trash;
✅️ Customizable compiler, choose the name of the predefined functions, the symbols and more;
✅️ Dark and light theme;
✅️ Many useful algorithms examples with solutions ;
✅️ Doesn't require any internet access to be working correctly;
✅️ Easy file manager, you can delete, create or rename a file ;
✅️ Full text editor functionality: copy, paste, undo, redo, find, find and replacer, etc;
✅️ Powerful compiler and interpreter ;
✅️ List of commonly used symbols at the bottom of the editor ;
✅️ Full programming language support: If, If else, For loop, While loop, Do While loop, Switch case, Structure, Enumeration, Interval, Function, Procedure, Arrays, Strings and many useful predefined functions and more;

The app is currently under development and improvement. If you have any suggestions or improvements to make, do not hesitate to contact me to take them into account in the new versions.

What's New

✅️ Thanks for using Algo! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance and add new features.
❌️ Known issue: If the console is not working properly, make sure to turn off auto-suggest in the keyboard from your device settings.
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