This flashlight came from another alien blue universe to prevent alien abduction

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Free download Alien Blue Flashlight - Shield for UFO and Light 2.0 apk app latest version for android


The application with an interesting design from a high-tech space aliens race and ancient species.
The flashlight and its button simulate a bright beam which teleports the object to the noncitizen’s spaceship or swarm, but do not worry, it's just a bright beam of light from your alien blue flashlight.

By adjusting the flash signal element, you might think that you are tuning your alien blaster to the frequency of the beam release from the blast of blaster, but you still use the flashlight and its flash blink frequency function from outlanders.

In this application there is a popular addition for all creatures - the function is flash on call. As alien light can transfer people to their extraterrestrial hive or roswell ufo and then to the martian’s spacecraft, to prevent alien abduction do not contact with unknown humanoid races of creeps, always use CLI - Calling Line Identification for your own light safety. Use this function as the alien isolation to prevent infestation and invasion.

The flash on the call automatically also works on the incoming SMS. It can be turned off in the settings of flash alerts.

For getting of a good signal from space use the white flashlight, this is the function "the white screen" which is provided to get a stronger external light signal (it has not been tested), however it is more often to use as the white screen with the maximal brightness for getting of weak illumination in daily conditions or get light if in alien spaceship

Use your light signals with the mind and peace! Take good photos or pictures of aliens. Give a chance don’t see Sigourney Weaver or Ridley Scott life and this terrible intrusion. Let’s bring peace to our civilization and planet.

Their worlds and ours now are under your responsibility. Our universe isn’t ready for invaders.
Together we can stop their vessels and fight with intruders.
They don’t know our power but we know theirs. We are guardians from any conquerors and that’s our creed!

Don’t put the device into the pocket with the active flashlight because the LED lamp of the smartphone becomes hot while using.
The shimmer of the light bulb near eyes isn’t useful for your eyes.
Pulsing light can irritate surrounding, be sure you set the setting at the right time and luminance of your lantern is appropriate for the situation.
Visible light which you can get from the lightbulb depends on the power of the LED bulb that you have into your device.
Using the device with this app as the headlamp isn’t safe because smartphones aren’t intended for holding on the head.
Twinkling options aren’t suitable for use by infants or kids under 3 years because the beam of illumination can be too bright for them.
How can I change luminosity of the flashlight?
The illuminance isn’t be changed, you can use torchlight and white screen at the same and get more shine.
Is there enough lumens to substitute the lamppost?
No, usually led lamp is much weaker.
Could gleam modes make harm to my glow lamp?
No, Smartphones usually have high-quality LEDs
Is this app convenient for night walking and spotlighting dark places?
Yes, this is good app for it.
What’s more? Probably, this app is a good substitution of searchlight or table lamp?
No, this app can give you the opportunity to use only functions which are described in the description.

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