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UpdatedApr 04, 2020
CategoryGames, Arcade

Alien Monster Blast game

Shoot & Battle Weird Creatures

Collect enough monster cards to unlock bonus levels and battle more bizarre creatures. This game will challenge your memory skills as well as being a fun shoot 'em up platformer.

Each alien monster card has stats and information you will need to pay attention to in order to pass the quiz which opens up the advanced levels. You will need both brain and brawn to complete this game.

You control when your hover pod jumps and shoots. Navigate the obstacles, avoid, jump, and shoot the alien monsters. Collect more cards to help you unlock the rest of the game.

Each time you collect a card your hover pod gets 3 seconds of super power. You can destroy all monsters with this super power. You know you have the super power when you see the little spinning card over your hover pod. Give it a try. It's fun to smash monsters with super power!

Top score on Leader Boards is waiting for whoever defeats the most Alien Monsters.

Thank you for playing and reviewing indie games!

Art by: Michael Remillard, Music by: Mark Harvey, Game by: J.E.Moores
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