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Alien radar app

Free alien detector radar around you

👽👾🛸 Detects the presence of space elements with this free real alien radar that will tell you the exact position of any detected item. 👽👾🛸

🚀 If your curiosity leads you to investigate the possible existence of aliens in surrounding areas, with this APP you will be able to identify the presence of any of these with a proximity sensor of elements of outer space that you can observe on a radar map.

☄️ Use and observe the real-time map around you to find out about the existence of any aliens with this tracker radar.

🛰️ Set alerts for updates around any existing items.

🔭 Activates radar anywhere, anytime, and knows with total precision, the detection of extraterrestrial elements within a few meters of you.

🌠 If the free alien detection app itself finds something, it will detect its exact position with a dot on the radar screen.

✅ If you feel that there is any presence of aliens or UFOs near you, activate the app with the precision radar and you will get out of doubt instantly.

☢️ Activates the proximity body detector that will show if there is any presence in a small range of distance. Scan your local area and check extraterrestrial activity on the radar simulator screen.

📢 Main Features:

- Radar alien detector.
- Identify space UFOs.
- Simple and friendly design.
- Intuitive interface.
- Suitable for mobiles and tablets.
- Function to send any detection.
- Screen rotation.
- Share with family and friends.
- Fun scanner for jokes and entertainment.
- Available without internet connection.
- Realistic simulator.

🌐 APP developed as simulation for entertainment and prank purposes for friends. It is not a real detector, it uses random animations of a wave or infrared proximity radar.

💯 remember that technically it is not possible to detect these phenomena with a single mobile device or Tablet. Therefore, this app is intended for total use of entertainment for people and to make jokes to acquaintances.

👽👾🛸 Use this fun free simulator app as an entertainment tool to identify any alien activity around you with the radar of space elements and UFOs. 👽👾🛸


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