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AllGo is a place to share about the comfort and accessibility of public spaces.

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Have you ever worried about breaking a chair in public? Or trying to sit somewhere you literally don't fit?

You're not alone.

Our world wasn't designed with large bodies in mind. But AllGo is here to help.

Our community of reviewers lets plus-size people know what to expect when going out, like:
- Whether tables in a restaurant's booths move
- What kind of chairs to expect at a salon
- How to use a theater's customer of size policy

This version of AllGo is now live in Portland, Oregon. Please check it out!

Don't live in Portland?
Check out our website for the latest news about our plans to expand!

App Features
- Details about venues throughout Portland, Oregon (if it's on Google, it's on AllGo!)
- Lots of great pictures of seating (no more scrolling through Yelp for photos of chairs!)
- A strong community of reviewers
- Abuse reporting to keep our community secure

Not a plus-size person?
That's OK! We need your help too. Please download the app and start reviewing so plus-size people can have access to the information you provide!

About The Creator
For years, AllGo Founder Rebecca Alexander Founder has heard fat people say, “As I got bigger, my world got smaller.”

She felt the same way when she was just 18 and agonized about going to Six Flags with her high school class. She went anyway and spent the day walking around the giant theme park, playing a game of chance: Will she fit on this ride, or will she have to embarrassingly stay on the sidelines while her friends ride without her?

The anxiety Rebecca felt that day never left her.

She founded AllGo because, as a fat woman, she has spent countless hours scouring the internet to reduce her anxiety about going to new places.

Rebecca wants to make the information plus-size people want easier to find. And ultimately, she hopes the world will become more accommodating for people of size.

Email: accounts@canweallgo.com

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